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Become a sponsor to mattsta

Hello Potential Sponsor!

I operate two different lives here at github dot com:

  • create personal software you may also benefit from using
  • contribute features/fixes/improvements (FFI) to community software

My personal software either scratches a niche itch (sorry, no left pad here), improves data access for closed systems (see: my popular, but apparently difficult to install Signal Backup Utility), or explores areas of high productivity interest for niche groups like my older erlang web serving platform or encryption benchmark utilities or my highest-speed-ever CRC-64 framework.

Why sponsor though? Mainly because I've become so jaded with $100+ billion dollar companies using our free software (and sometimes my free software), without directly paying for the time and experience they are exploiting. Why does CEO bro get to have 8 $50 million houses while we get to pay 50% of our take home pay to landlords who raise rent 10% a year?

In short, without reliable funding, I appreciate all your GitHub issues and concerns, but there's literally zero incentive to act on abstract user issues without economic reciprocity. But! Now with GitHub Sponsorships nobody has to be ignored or forgotten or left behind. Just drop some dollar dollar bills ya'll in that there sponsorship button and you'll get a proportionate amount of feature development and support in return.

Thanks and good luck and live long and prosper 🖖

Popular projects

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$5 a month


I See You

I See You tier is a big thumbs up saying hey ya yeah you there, good job on your stuff, you're appreciated!

I See You tier grants you one (1) guaranteed response to one (1) issue per month for help in fixing problems you may encounter with any of my repos. This tier doesn't necessarily include me actually fixing your problem with code. If you're requesting actual code or dev work on my repos, check the next couple tiers for more help.

$50 a month


I Feel You

I Feel You tier is a big platonic hug where you shout your concerns and I shout your answers.

I Feel You tier grants you guaranteed responses to five (5) issues per month for help or general advice on specific projects.

I Feel You tier grants you two (2) Pull Request reviews per month (no guarantee of acceptance, but I can give you tips for cleaning up code until accepted).

I Feel You tier grants you up to one (1) hour of sponsor-directed development time per month for feature implementations, cleaning up your PRs, or for help tracking down bug fixes in any of my repos.

$1000 a month


I Love You

I Love You tier is a blimp filled with those chalky valentines day candies bursting over a stadium of world leaders cheering you on to complete that long term project you keep putting off because actually it'll be great and you'll change the world just like you always hoped.

I Love You tier grants you guaranteed responses to seven (7) issues per month.

I Love You tier grants you five (5) Pull Request reviews per month, with up to 2 hours of custom dev work helping you improve your PRs for acceptance.

I Love You tier grants you three (3) hours of my development time per month for feature implementations or bug fixes. One unused month may be rolled over for up to six (6) hours of dev time in one month

$5500 a month


I Want To Be You

I Want To Be You tier is for those generous tech oligarchs and aristocrats among us who want to convert short term under-performing fungible cash into long term sustainable happiness.

Subscribing to I Want To Be You tier rewards you with:

  • One (1) custom project created per year with up to three (3) hours of dev work per month implementing your requested features (after project approval)
  • Ten (10) guaranteed issue replies per month
  • Ten (10) guaranteed PR reviews per month
  • Six (6) repo dev hours per month, which may be rolled over one month for a maximum of 12 dev hours in one month (exclusive of custom project work)
  • A call on your birthday to say 👋
  • An optional executive producer credit in docs
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