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Support my work on maintaining the best open-source list of color-names out there!

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Featured work

  1. meodai/color-names

    Large list of handpicked color names 🌈

    JavaScript 2,306
  2. meodai/gotAnewDesignerMac

    automate installation of a MAC for a designer

    Ruby 47
  3. meodai/sensible

    Maintain media-queries where they belong; in the SASS/SCSS and make them available with the same name space in your JS without polluting your HTML.

    SCSS 25
  4. meodai/mod_autoindex.oh

    Visual enhancement for apache's directory listing.

    HTML 23
  5. meodai/ticktack.js

    requestanimationframe based watch.

    JavaScript 17
  6. meodai/bonescss

    SCSS/CSS starting-point for every project. Mixes smacss namespaced h5bp things with other stuff I use all the time. It includes all the nice things from H5BP nicely namespaced using SMACSS

    CSS 15

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