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Hey there, I'm Sebastian!

Mobile apps are the doors to the modern world. Services like hotel booking, car- or bike-sharing, banking, and many more are accessible via an app, frequently even only by it.

I provide open source projects to share my knowledge about developing and distributing mobile apps and help other developers to implement their ideas. Like with my projects iOS Project Template and iOS Project Environment Setup.

On MobileDevOps, I will provide best practices for building and distributing the different types of apps. And on App Architecture, I will show how you can implement apps in a clean and maintainable way.

All my code is freely accessible on Github.

Featured work

  1. messeb/iOS

    List of my public iOS contributions

  2. messeb/ios-project-template

    iOS project template with fastlane lanes, Travis CI jobs and GitHub integrations of Codecov, HoundCI for SwiftLint and Danger

    Ruby 386
  3. messeb/ios-project-env-setup

    Setup your iOS project environment with a Shellscript, Makefile or Rakefile

    Swift 326
  4. messeb/ansible-ios-build-server

    Ansible Playbook for iOS Build-Server

    Ruby 2
  5. messeb/development-conventions

    Conventions in software projects

  6. messeb/pods-zsh-theme

    Oh My Zsh Theme to display Cocoapods and Ruby version

    Ruby 1

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