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Michał Górny

Greater Poland, PL

Back in 2019, I've adopted three stray cats. Things haven't been easy — Ruh has had to have all her teeth removed, and Lulu suffers from chronic urinary tract problems.

In 2022, I was diagnosed with type I diabetes. My employer started considering me a "liability", the work has started causing my health to rapidly deteriorate. I eventually left, and I haven't been able to find a permanent employment since. Later, I've realized that I was suffering from autism spectrum disorder, and the recent events have made it much harder for me to cope.

At this point, I'm unemployed and mostly surviving thanks to my family's charity. I'm primarily trying to collect money for cat food and other needs.

I'm also a Gentoo developer since 2010, but I'm not doing that for money. I'd gladly accept Gentoo-related employment or contracts. I'm skilled with Python, keen on portability and helping people.

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The costs of cat food (damn inflation!)

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Featured work

  1. gentoo/gentoo

    [MIRROR] Official Gentoo ebuild repository

    Shell 2,042
  2. projg2/gpep517

    A backend script to aid installing Python packages in Gentoo

    Python 11
  3. projg2/mgorny-dev-scripts

    Quick & dirty ebuild development scripts

    Shell 27
  4. projg2/nattka

    A New Arch Tester Toolkit (open source replacement for stable-bot)

    Python 6
  5. projg2/smart-live-rebuild

    Update live packages whose remotes have changed

    Python 45
  6. projg2/cpuid2cpuflags

    Tool to generate CPU_FLAGS_* for your CPU

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