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Between Lines

Hello! This is Askar, I'm a wannabe hacker who creates codes that break codes.

I spend my time building stuff that helps pentesters and red teamers to hack the planet such as DNSStager and Octopus C2.

Also, I was helping a lot of open source products by discovering and responsibility disclose critical vulnerabilities, and share the full exploit code with the community which you can find in my Github account.

Most of this work was done in my free time and some of it was done during engaging with clients, so sponsoring my work will help to make sure that I will continuously update my work or even add some new cool projects that help you to hack the planet.

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That will be something cool to have!


Featured work

  1. mhaskar/Octopus

    Open source pre-operation C2 server based on python and powershell

    Python 704
  2. mhaskar/CVE-2020-8813

    The official exploit for Cacti v1.2.8 Remote Code Execution CVE-2020-8813

    Python 67
  3. mhaskar/CVE-2019-20224

    The offical exploit for Pandora v7.0NG Post-auth Remote Code Execution CVE-2019-20224

    Python 15
  4. mhaskar/DNSStager

    Hide your payload in DNS

    Python 592
  5. mhaskar/CVE-2019-13024

    The official exploit code for Centreon v19.04 Remote Code Execution CVE-2019-13024

    Python 12

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