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Hello! 👋

I'm a full-time open source developer.

My open source projects...

  • make the Web safer and more private.
    • Caddy is the only web server to use HTTPS automatically and by default
    • CertMagic is a Go library that provisions and manages TLS certificates for servers
  • make developer lives easier.
    • PapaParse is a JavaScript library that parses CSV files
    • JSON-to-Go converts JSON to Go structs
    • curl-to-go converts curl commands to Go code
    • Archiver is a Go library for working with archive formats
  • preserve personal and family history.
    • Timeliner downloads all your digital life onto a single timeline, stored locally
  • are often used in humanitarian and non-profit efforts.
    • PEPFAR uses Caddy to collect medical data in the field
    • The United Nations, Wikimedia, and several other public agencies use Papa Parse to process data

My primary work is the Caddy web server. Caddy has:

  • 📄 ~1 million TLS certificates under management
  • 2 million downloads
  • 🐳 20 million Docker pulls
  • 🔐 110 million TLS connections secured
  • 📈 1.1 TRILLION ‼️ HTTPS requests served

That's a lot of public good for a free project maintained by ~1 developer! Thankfully, Caddy has over 250 contributors. But coordinating that effort takes a lot of time and energy, so I now accept sponsorships to help fund ongoing maintenance of my projects.

Your sponsorships make a difference because although open source work can be satisfying, it is often a drain on mental, emotional, and physical energy. In addition to making full-time development possible, sponsors provide much-needed relief, leading to happier, healthier, less-stressed developers.

My goals for my projects are:

  1. Make a lasting, positive impact
  2. Foster a sense of community and goodwill
  3. Improve your quality of life

Get behind those values with me: sponsor these projects, or champion a sponsorship within your company/organization, for a better Web.

Thank you!

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$25 a month


Thank you for being a sponsor! Have a nifty badge. I appreciate the support, and will output my best work just for you.

$99 a month


Super thank you. A handful of these sponsorships greatly enables me to maintain projects that you rely on. Funds some nights-and-weekends work.

$499 a month


The ideal tier for professionals who use any of my projects. This ensures that they will continue to be maintained. You also get bragging rights for supporting the projects!

$999 a month


Perfect for small businesses who want to ensure the continued maintenance of my projects that they use.

  • Guaranteed ongoing maintenance
  • Basic personalized support

$6000 a month


The ultimate sponsorship. Designed for companies who are serious about having ongoing, dedicated work invested into any of my open source projects which they rely on.

  • Guaranteed ongoing development
  • Personalized support
  • Prioritized issues and feature requests
  • Daily or weekly check-ins according to your preference
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