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I build all sorts of things, from small Mac utilities (Lapsey - Timelapse app) to medication tracking apps ( Your support means the world and simply allows me to pour more into these projects.

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Featured work

  1. michaelwschultz/

    A rebirth of my popular medication tracking app for people living with hemophilia. Available for free at

    TypeScript 4
  2. michaelwschultz/timelapse-app

    Tiny desktop app that creates timelapse videos using your built in desktop/laptop camera.

    JavaScript 6
  3. michaelwschultz/basher

    Basher takes the hassle out of setting up directories for a new project. Automatically generates both local and remote git repositories, links them and sends out your first push. Magic.

    Shell 8
  4. michaelwschultz/virgo

    Javascript game built on Node to run on a Raspberry Pi and an LED board.

    JavaScript 2
  5. michaelwschultz/gamenight

    React Native app to tell your friends your're down to game tonight.

    JavaScript 1
  6. michaelwschultz/changelog-for-git

    A beautifully simple way to create a changelog based on your Git history.

    Shell 7

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