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Become a sponsor to Mike Bronner

Mike Bronner

Gilbert, Arizona, USA

I am constantly expanding my library of open-source Laravel packages. Your support will direct further resources to continued maintenance and development of existing and new packages.

I have tried to structure the sponsorship reward tiers in a way that provides something for everyone. Please let me know if you would like to see benefits and tiers that aren't listed, to which you would like to contribute.

Why Donating Helps

  • Open-Source Software (OSS) might often not cost anything, but their development is not free.
  • You can make your voice heard and help direct the direction of development.
  • Donations help to ensure that the packages remain under active maintenance, and help fund the development of new packages.

Consider donating if ...

  • You find our packages valuable and they save you time and money.
  • You use our packages in production.
  • You would like to see further development of our packages, but don't have the time or resources to submit pull-requests yourself.

Featured work

  1. GeneaLabs/laravel-model-caching

    Eloquent model-caching made easy.

  2. GeneaLabs/laravel-caffeine

    Keeping Your Laravel Forms Awake.

    PHP 772
  3. GeneaLabs/laravel-governor

    Manage authorization with granular role-based permissions in your Laravel Apps.

    PHP 141
  4. GeneaLabs/laravel-sign-in-with-apple

    Provide "Sign In With Apple" functionality to your Laravel app.

    PHP 336
  5. GeneaLabs/laravel-socialiter

    Automatically manage user persistence and resolution for any Laravel Socialite provider.

    PHP 33

Select a tier

$5 a month


Inquisitive Sponsor

  • Submit questions to be answered in our Q&A videos.
  • Receive monthly Q&A videos where we go over common questions.

$10 a month


🗳 Voting Sponsor

All benefits of all lower tiers, in addition to:

  • Voice your preferences in feature and bug prioritization polls.

$25 a month


👨‍⚕️ Supporting Sponsor

All benefits of all lower tiers, in addition to:

  • Take advantage of chat support on our Discord server.
  • Be named as a supporting sponsor in our packages' BACKERS file.

$250 a month


🥇 Title Sponsor

All benefits of all lower tiers, in addition to:

  • Add your link and logo to the Title Sponsors section in our packages' README file.

$500 a month


📦 Package Sponsor

All benefits of all lower tiers, in addition to:

  • Receive 1 hour priority support via phone, email, video, chat, or screen-sharing each month for the package you are sponsoring.
  • Receive priority for your feature requests for the package you are sponsoring.
  • Any bugs in the package you are sponsoring will be given priority over non-sponsored packages and will be addressed ASAP.