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Founded in 2015, Miraheze is a community-centric, ad free, 100% open-source, and locally controlled wiki hosting platform funded 100% by donations from community members, in part to maintain editorial independence and freedom from third parties. All of Miraheze's volunteers are unpaid, so monetary donations entirely fund Miraheze's hosting and legal (tax) expenses.

Miraheze is operated by Miraheze Limited, which is registered in England and Wales (Registration Number: 12323854).

20 sponsors are funding miraheze’s work.


Miraheze solely runs on donations, but donations can fluctate over the months. Having monthly donations - recurring donations - provides a sense of financial security to Miraheze. As of January 2021, Miraheze is spending about $450/month to provide all of its services to the community. By donating a third ($150) every month, we can ensure Miraheze only has to worry about the remaining part. 💖


Meet the team

Featured work

  1. miraheze/mw-config

    Production MediaWiki configuration

    PHP 52
  2. miraheze/ManageWiki

    Extension used allowing to manage wiki settings by wiki founders

    PHP 13
  3. miraheze/mediawiki

    The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia.

    PHP 13
  4. miraheze/CreateWiki

    The extension used at Miraheze for requesting & creating wikis

    PHP 13
  5. miraheze/puppet

    Production Puppet code

    Ruby 12
  6. miraheze/RottenLinks

    Rotten link detection

    PHP 5

48% towards $150 per month goal

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kdhkr and 19 others sponsor this goal

Select a tier

$2 a month


You might wonder how much $2 is, but for Miraheze $2 means a lot! If 150 people donate this each month, Miraheze would receive more than it spends.

We believe in the model of having many donors donating a little bit, recurringly. Go for it! 🎉

$18 a month


The Site Reliability Engineering team loves to drink coffee or tea! Working for Miraheze means they make longer days, since they combine their work with daily school or job obligations, so they could definitely use some energy. Will you fund them a drink each month?

* A virtual cup of coffee or tea, actually. Unless we meet each other in the future :)

$450 a month


$450, why is there a tier for that amount? Well, $450 is exactly what it takes to fund Miraheze a full month* of hosting expenses! Miraheze is small but efficient: we don't have to pay for travel or housing, but Miraheze cannot exist without servers. From the database servers to the web servers and all other miscellaneous services. 🖥️

  • As of November 2020.