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My work centers around building tools and systems for better collaboration.

Some of my interests are collective intelligence, trust networks, group decision support systems, collaboration tools, peer-to-peer and distributed systems, democratizing AI/ML, computer security, e-democracy, deliberative democracy, wireless mesh/community networks, organic/self-healing technologies.

See my blog for more information and my profile as well.

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Featured work

  1. peerlibrary/meteor-blaze-components

    Reusable components for Blaze

    CoffeeScript 357
  2. peer/mind

    Decide together.

    CoffeeScript 54
  3. tozd/node-reactive-postgres

    Reactive queries for PostgreSQL

    JavaScript 28
  4. peer/doc

    Converge on documents collaboratively. Read-only mirror of

    JavaScript 26
  5. peerlibrary/meteor-reactive-publish

    Reactive publish endpoints

    CoffeeScript 122
  6. charon/charon

    A powerful open source account management and SSO solution. Read-only mirror of

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