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About Me and Sponsorship

Disclaimer: I don't need money, so please keep it.

However, I greatly value recognition and would like to keep this sponsor section open. You can sponsor me not only for my repositories (stars) but also for my personal contributions. By sponsoring me, you can publicly show your appreciation for my work. Thank you for your support.

I have found my calling, and I'm fully committed to my mission of creating the next generation of open-source. This maximalist approach extends beyond code to encompass state and execution as well. It brings trust, verifiability, fairness, and the intention to pay people to write quality code. My goal is to compete with large corporations and capitalism while promoting open-source principles and the commons. In essence, I aim to create a new virtual GAFA, which is the DAO of open-source people; and this meta organization can become the biggest one, bigger than anything else. Let's make it happen, together.

You can find my thoughts and updates on my blog at and on Twitter at

Previous Bio...

Coding useless things for fun and useful tools... also for fun. Everyday.

I love open source. My contribution activity looks like a lawn that hasn't been mowed in years (which is true - I'm active on GitHub for over 10 years).

I encourage other people to join OSS as well. I speak about it at conferences: here's a presentation and its supporting blog post addressing the challenges of Open Source.

I organize Paris P2P, a large peer-to-peer and cryptography user group. Free events take place in Paris each month, and there are branches in other cities.

I maintain a few software projects, notably:

  • assh: A transparent wrapper that adds regex, aliases, gateways, dynamic hostnames, graphviz, json output, yaml configuration to SSH.
  • sshportal: Jump host/Jump server without the jump, a.k.a Transparent SSH bastion
  • depviz: Aggregates tasks from multiple projects and generates visual representations (graphs) of the dependencies.
  • protoc-gen-gotemplate: A generic code/script/data generator based on Protobuf.
  • pathwar: An educational platform with a focus on security/cryptography, where you can go through challenges (courses) to learn new things and hone your skills.

And here are some more:

crossbuild, scaleway-cli, gotty-client, alfred-workflow-gauth, http2curl, docker-diff,, retry, number-to-words, awesome-ssh, anonuuid.

My main project right now is Berty, an encrypted distributed messenger that doesn't require internet. It's currently in development, and will be fully open-source upon release.

I enjoy coding useless stuff - and explain why in this blog post. Some examples:

Projects of the ULTREME organization.

My portrait, ULTREME-style

In particular:

Some background:

Thank you for your support, it inspires me even more to keep doing OSS!

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Featured work

  1. gnolang/gno

    Gno: An interpreted, stack-based Go virtual machine to build succinct and composable apps + a blockchain for timeless code and fair open-source

  2. berty/berty

    Berty is a secure peer-to-peer messaging app that works with or without internet access, cellular data or trust in the network

  3. moul/assh

    πŸ’» make your ssh client smarter

  4. multiarch/crossbuild

    🌍 multiarch cross compiling environments

    Dockerfile 927
  5. moul/protoc-gen-gotemplate

    πŸ“‚ generic protocol generator based on golang's text/template (grpc/protobuf)

  6. moul/sshportal

    🎩 simple, fun and transparent SSH (and telnet) bastion server

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