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Hi! I'm Mike. I built django-bom and as a side project to support the hardware development going on at my current startup, Atlas Wearables.

When we first started Atlas, like many, we were just using spreadsheets to manage our bill of materials, sourcing, and revisions. We quickly outgrew this and moved on to using a bulky Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool. Paying large amounts of dollars per seat, per month for a tool that we only utilized a fraction of the features got old FAST. Not to mention that the added complexity required an additional part-time consultant to assist with! After our first project, we canceled that subscription and we were back to square one.

Why IndaBOM?
I started developing, and django-bom as a project that would fill the void above - more powerful than a spreadsheet, and much simpler than today's PLM tools. Hitting the biggest pain points first and continuing to improve functionality, the tool continues to grow, while lots of thought is put into keeping the tool simple!

How you can help
After using it internally to track our parts, estimate BOM costs, and manage quotes, I decided to share it with the world. If you share similar frustrations, I'd love for you to help! Install the latest build on Pypi using pip, check out the open-source project on Github, or reach out to me via e-mail at mike at indabom dot com.

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Getting 5 sponsors would really help the project move forward! It's one of the best forms of validation that people are interested in a simple, open source bom management tool.

Featured work

  1. mpkasp/django-bom

    A simple bill of materials app built using the django web framework.

    Python 69
  2. mpkasp/indabom

    bill of materials management system using the django-bom app

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