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With your sponsorship I will be able to spend more of my time developing x64dbg and other open source projects!

If you use x64dbg in a commercial setting you can support the development by sponsoring me.

Note: It is possible to make a one-time donation. Unlike Bountysource GitHub does not take a 10% cut.

Current projects

Recently I've been working on:

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements for x64dbg
  • A beginner-friendly build system based on CMake and TOML: cmkr
  • A python library to call functions in dump files (useful for malware analysis): dumpulator
  • A ghetto user mode emulator for kernel drivers to analyze an anti-cheat: driver_unpacking

See the featured work below for other interesting things I've been up to.

22 sponsors are funding mrexodia’s work.


I will be able to quit my day job and work on open source projects full-time.


Featured work

  1. x64dbg/x64dbg

    An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows.

  2. build-cpp/cmkr

    Modern build system based on CMake and TOML.

    C++ 161
  3. mrexodia/dumpulator

    An easy-to-use library for emulating code in minidump files.

    Python 272
  4. mrexodia/AppInitHook

    Global user-mode hooking framework, based on AppInit_DLLs. The goal is to allow you to rapidly develop hooks to inject in an arbitrary process.

  5. mrexodia/TitanHide

    Hiding kernel-driver for x86/x64.

  6. mrexodia/NtPhp

    Ever wanted to execute PHP in your kernel driver? Look no further!

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