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My name is Marty Schoch, and I build open-source software.

For the past five years, I've had the pleasure of working on Bleve and related projects. Over that time, usage of Bleve has grown, and there are now several companies that rely on Bleve in production. I've been exploring ways to ensure that Bleve remains a healthy open-source project, one with regular releases that benefit the entire community and not a single vendor.

I have created Bluge Labs as the home for the new search software that I create, and our initial focus will be to ensure regular high quality releases of the following core pacages:

  • Bleve - full-text indexing and search
  • Vellum - finite state transducer
  • Segment - Unicode text segmentation

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Featured work

  1. blevesearch/bleve

    A modern text indexing library for go

  2. blevesearch/segment

    A Go library for performing Unicode Text Segmentation as described in Unicode Standard Annex #29

    Go 70
  3. blugelabs/bluge

    indexing library for Go

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