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The primary objective is to create and maintain several open source libraries including the TeslaJS library and derivative products like the Alexa-Tesla skill and TeslaAuth as well as syntaxhighlighter-verilog

TeslaJS is an unofficial, lightweight, server-friendly NodeJS library that encapsulates and exposes the Tesla RESTful API set. The library is intended to support all existing and future Tesla vehicles.

Alexa-Tesla is an Alexa skill for monitoring and controlling multiple Tesla cars.

TeslaAuth is a website that enables account linking between an Alexa skill and the Tesla servers.

syntaxhighlighter-verilog is a WordPress plugin that adds Verilog support to SyntaxHighlighter Evolved.

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I hope to continue to support and expand upon the libraries while covering my out-of-pocket hosting and testing costs. It'll mean a lot if you can help me achieve this goal.


Featured work

  1. mseminatore/TeslaJS

    An Unofficial Tesla API library for NodeJS

    JavaScript 362
  2. mseminatore/TeslaAuth

    Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) project - Tesla monitoring and control Account Linking example site

  3. mseminatore/alexa-tesla

    Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) project - Tesla monitoring and control for Amazon Echo devices

    JavaScript 24
  4. mseminatore/syntaxhighlighter-verilog

    This is a WordPress Plugin that adds support for the Verilog language to the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin.


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