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MushroomLabs focus is in creating tools and services that promote decentralized technologies to take the power and control from big entities and bring it closer to people and local communities. We want to work on and with open source technologies that benefit everyone.

The first project from MushroomLabs was Hub20, a payment gateway for crypto-currencies based on the Ethereum blockchain. We made it super easy for merchants to receive payment in crypto-currency without being dependent on larger companies that can censor you or freeze your funds.

At the moment we are focused on distributed social media platforms (commonly known as "The Fediverse") and building tools that can help people take control of their social media presence.

Each contribution makes it easier for us to devote more time and resources to its development.

You can also help by sending cryptocurrency to the following addresses:

  • Ethereum: 0x6F289c81f78d3F6416B41cb0B80423c171503b75

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Featured work

  1. mushroomlabs/fediverser

    A set of utilities to help bring content and users from legacy social media networks into the fediverse

    Python 23
  2. mushroomlabs/hub20

    Self-hosted payment gateway for Ethereum and any ERC20 token, integrates with Raiden for almost-zero fees.

  3. mushroomlabs/lemmy-docker-multiarch

    A build repository for multiarch Docker images for Lemmy

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$4 a month


The Generous Soul

You like what are we building so much that you want to be sure we have enough coffee to keep going? Thank you!

Sponsors of this tier get access to any of our Lemmy instances.

$29 a month


This tier unlocks access to a direct support room on Matrix where I can help you set up, troubleshoot or manage your Fediverse instance.

$99 a month


The same benefits from the previous tiers, plus priority given to any issue or planned featured on our project board.

$199 a month


Your company logo is added to the "About" page of project.

$799 a month


You really want to contribute to the development of an open Social Web! Members of this tier will have a bi-weekly 1:1 call to discuss anything you need, from advice to get your organization in the Fediverse to requesting a new complex feature to our project board.

$2,299 a month


Your organization has a vested interest in the future of the Social Web, but it is not part of its core mission or it's not ready yet to make a larger bet in the space. If that is your case, this tier is for you.

Members of this tier will get all the benefits from the previous ones, and I will dedicate 20 hours per month to work exclusively on the projects and developments defined by you.