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Hello World πŸ‘‹

I am Prabhakar Thota, Mobile Engineer, UI/UX with more than six years of experience in a broad range of industries. I believe in the quote, "Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things". The quote inspires me to be always creative, innovative and a learner. Also, I have built multiple android apps on my own, one of which has over 4.5 million downloads.


I am also an open-source enthusiast and maintainer. i learned a lot from the open-source community and i love how collaboration and knowledge sharing happened through open-source.

If you find the work I do for the android opensource community valuable then you can show your appreciation by supporting me. Every contribution counts, regardless of how big or small.

Thank you for your support! πŸ™Œ

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It would mean the world to me if I had 10 sponsors. πŸ’–

Featured work

  1. myinnos/AppIconNameChanger

    Library to change Android launcher App Icon and App Name programmatically !

    Java 592
  2. myinnos/AlphabetIndex-Fast-Scroll-RecyclerView

    A Powerful AlphabetIndex FastScroller Library for Android's RecyclerView!

    Kotlin 600
  3. myinnos/AndroidScratchCard

    Light Weighted Scratch Card View Library for Android

    Java 223
  4. myinnos/AwesomeImagePicker

    Awesome Image Picker library will pick images/gifs with beautiful interface. Supports image or gif, Single and Multiple Image selection.

    Java 163
  5. myinnos/Android-InApp-Update

    InApp update library for Android, In-app update is a library a new request flow to prompt active users to update your app.

    Java 13
  6. myinnos/Swiggy-Scroll-Animation

    Building Swiggy Offer Animation on Android

    Java 7

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