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thanks for stopping by. You may or may not know me yet. Just in case, I'll introduce myself to you briefly.

My name is Stefan Natter, I'm a software engineer and web enthusiast from Austria. I discovered my love for software engineering when I was about 15 years old. In the beginning, I learned C#, PHP, HTML, and CSS at school. The good old days, huh? Back then we still built websites with frames. 😅

It was clear to me from the beginning that the web fascinates me and that I want to work with it later on.

After my school education, I went to university and studied Management & Economics. Contrary to what I thought, I decided not to study Business Informatics or Computer Science. Looking back, it turned out to be a good decision, nevertheless!

This diversification has helped me to specialize in two areas. And so it happened that after graduating from university I started working in a full-service agency. Advertising Manager & Web Analyst was written on my business card. During that time I learned a lot about conversions, web optimizations, and the different aspects of customer needs.

After a few years, I found myself in the startup scene. That was an exciting time. As a growth hacker and product owner, I met a lot of interesting and successful people. Besides the exhausting and long days, they were great years.

During this time I got to know my love for software engineering again. I didn't just design new product features but also did some hands-on coding myself. And so it happened that I reoriented myself and fully immersed myself in the software engineering world.

And here I am! 👋🏻

Since then I'm working as a web developer (ReactJS, NodeJS, TypeScript) and building software solutions for successful customers.

In the meantime, I became more and more involved with open source solutions and projects. I put my own code online and found great joy in helping. With your contribution, you help me to continue to develop open-source software.

To sum this all up, all of this would not have been possible without the support of great people - like YOU!

Thanks for being here and considering supporting me. 💛

With your contribution, I can continue to produce content, invest time in open-source projects, and provide value to you and others.

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Featured work

  1. natterstefan/react-trello-multiboard

    React-Trello-Multiboard is a single-page application built with React displaying multiple cards of several Trello® boards and lists. The cards can be filtered by preferred team members.

    JavaScript 54
  2. natterstefan/react-component-library-lerna

    Build your own React component library managed with lerna, presented with storybook and published in private npm registry.

    JavaScript 59
  3. natterstefan/zoom-slack-status-updater

    Update your Slack status automatically when you join a Zoom meeting.

    JavaScript 26
  4. natterstefan/vscode-toggl-extension

    Track your working hours with Toggl ( directly in Visual Studio Code (VS Code). ⌚️

    JavaScript 19
  5. natterstefan/react-component-catalog

    react-component-catalog is a library for registering, retrieving, and rendering React components dynamically based on defined conditions.

    TypeScript 8
  6. natterstefan/speedtest-cron

    An easy to use script test the speed (down-, upload and ping) of your ISP regularly (cronjob).

    Shell 20

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