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My name is Matthias,
I am a software developer originally from Bavaria, and I have a faible for open software.
Since 2014, I have co-developed the open source 2D Java game engine LITIENGINE together with my brother @steffen-wilke!
Professionally and academically, I have extensive knowledge of Python and C#, while mostly using Java privately to create video games, some of which are also open source projects made with LITIENGINE.


With 5000$/month, I can work full-time on LITIENGINE and thus contribute to the world of Java videogames.

Featured work

  1. gurkenlabs/litiengine

    LITIENGINE 🕹 The pure 2D java game engine.

    Java 539
  2. gurkenlabs/litiengine-gurk-nukem

    A 2-bit platforming shooter made with LITIENGINE

    Java 16
  3. gurkenlabs/litiengine-ldjam42

    This is an example game project that contains the source code of our LDJAM 42 entry: GOIN - Behave or get lost

    Java 6
  4. gurkenlabs/litiengine-ldjam44

    This game project contains the source code of our LDJAM 44 entry.

    Java 6
  5. gurkenlabs/litiengine-docs

    The documentation for LITIENGINE - The pure 2D Java game engine

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