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I'm a libre software enthusiast born and residing in Prague, Czech Republic. Right now my main focus is Weblate, but I am also a long-term contributor to various other libre software projects like Gammu, phpMyAdmin and Debian.

After employment in several technology companies, since early 2016 I'm dedicated to providing services to companies focusing on localization and Weblate.

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Featured work

  1. WeblateOrg/weblate

    Web based localization tool with tight version control integration.

    Python 3,252
  2. translate/translate

    Useful localization tools with Python API for building localization & translation systems

    Python 719
  3. WeblateOrg/translation-finder

    Translation files finder

    Python 11
  4. gammu/gammu

    Gammu All Mobile Management Utilities

  5. phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin

    A web interface for MySQL and MariaDB

  6. python-social-auth/social-core

    Python Social Auth - Core

    Python 731

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