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Hey friends 🐾

♥️ making and sharing things.

My current focus is on building Learn Anything & KusKus.

I share everything I know in a wiki. I share all apps/configs I use together with my entire workflow.

You can see all my open source projects here.

I share things on X. Make YouTube videos and stream most code I write.

And I have a personal page which has even more things that you might find an interest in.

If you use any of my projects or like what I’m doing, please consider backing me so I can continue maintaining and evolving these projects and new ones.

If you want to do a one-time donation with an optional message, you can do so too.

Thank you so much for your support ♥️


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Current sponsors 5


Past sponsors 28

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Featured work

  1. learn-anything/

    Organize world's knowledge, explore connections and curate learning paths

    TypeScript 15,272
  2. learn-anything/tasks

    Tasks done exposed as library functions or HTTP endpoints

    Jupyter Notebook 21
  3. kuskusapp/kuskus

    Food/drink sharing app

    TypeScript 57
  4. TypeScript 1,432
  5. nikitavoloboev/config

    Apps/CLIs/configs I use on macOS/iOS. Fish, Karabiner, Cursor..

    Shell 20,206
  6. nikitavoloboev/ts

    TS libraries and other code

    TypeScript 817

25% towards 20 monthly sponsors goal

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