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Niklas Rämö

Tampere, Finland

Hi! I'm Niklas, a web developer from Finland.

I'm also the author and maintainer of Muuri, a handy layout/grid library which has gotten way more popular during the years than I ever anticipated. Keeping Muuri in good shape takes quite a big chunk out of my free time and I'd ultimately like to dedicate some of my working hours to Muuri (and other open source projects). By sponsoring me you are also making sure that Muuri (and my other not so popular projects) stay in top notch shape.

4 sponsors are funding niklasramo’s work.


Featured work

  1. haltu/muuri

    Infinite responsive, sortable, filterable and draggable layouts

    JavaScript 10,026
  2. niklasramo/mezr

    A lightweight JavaScript library for measuring and comparing the dimensions and distances of DOM elements

    JavaScript 119
  3. niklasramo/eventti

    A fast, small and reliable event emitter.

    TypeScript 2
  4. niklasramo/tikki

    Animation loop + Event emitter

    TypeScript 2
  5. niklasramo/redux-create-state

    Create new Redux state immutably

    JavaScript 7

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Thanks! You're awesome 🙌

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Wow! Kiitos ja kumarrus 🙏

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Dang! Much appreciated 😊

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Epic! This amount will allow me to work on open source one full work day per month. If you are using any of the open source libraries I maintain (e.g. Muuri) in a commercial project and have some extra cash to spare I would be honored if you could even explore the possibility to support me by choosing this tier. 🤗