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Become a sponsor to numfocus

NumFOCUS provides a nonprofit organizational home for over 30 open source scientific computing tools that are advancing scientific discovery and innovation.

We envision an inclusive scientific and research community of actively supported open source software making impactful discoveries for a better world.

The mission of NumFOCUS is to promote open practices in research, data, and scientific computing by serving as a fiscal sponsor for open source projects and organizing community-driven educational programs. Our programs include PyData (a series of conferences and meetups for data practitioners), Diversity & Inclusion in Scientific Computing (DISC), and a sustainability program focused on creating long-term health for our open source projects.

💸 Which projects do you sponsor?

Astropy Blosc Bokeh Cantera conda-forge
dask Econ-ARK FEniCS ITK Julia
JuMP MathJax Matplotlib mlpack nteract
NumPy Open Journals PALISADE pandas Project Jupyter / IPython
PyMC PyTables QuantEcon rOpenSci SciPy
Shogun Stan SunPy SymPy xarray

🎯What if I want to support a specific NumFOCUS project?

Donations through the NumFOCUS Sponsor button on GitHub go to our "all projects" fund. To designate a donation to a specific project, check for a custom link on their repo sponsor button.

You can also find project-specific donation forms at our website by clicking on the project's logo here.

💞 How do donations to NumFOCUS benefit open source projects?

Your donation goes to support a variety of operational and administrative services necessary for the healthy functioning of our open source projects. NumFOCUS takes responsibility for managing contracts and agreements, trademarks and licensing, accounts payable and receivable, event planning, grant administration, taxes and reporting, technical infrastructure and more. By taking on this vital but time-consuming work, NumFOCUS frees open source project maintainers to focus on their codebase and their community.

Donations from individuals and corporate sponsors also help to fund the NumFOCUS Small Development Grants program; our projects use these grants to improve usability, grow their communities, and speed up the time to major releases.

Do you have a Corporate Sponsorship Program?

Yes, our Corporate Sponsorship Program offers opportunities to connect your company with the international community of data scientists working in open source.

We invite you to take a closer look at the NumFOCUS Corporate Sponsorship Brochure. If you're interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor, please reach out!

🤔 Where can I get more information?

Visit our website or reach out to us at

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$10 a month


A wonderful way to help! Your donation helps us provide 50 laptop stickers to be distributed at conferences. You will receive a Sponsor badge 🎖 on your profile.

$25 a month


We really appreciate you! Your donation helps one open source maintainer travel to the NumFOCUS Summit, an annual gathering where project leaders meet to discuss key issues of sustainability. You will receive a Sponsor badge 🎖 on your profile.

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