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Symfony lover & core team member, I'm regularly trying to improve its core, features and DX based on my own experience with it & teammates feedbacks.

For instance, I'm the author of the VarDumper server feature, the Validator profiler/inspector panel as well as the Messenger one.
I shared my experience with message buses and CQRS to improve the Messenger component, leading to more flexibility with the envelope & stamps feature, easing query & sync commands usages, improving config, traceability of the dispatched messages & middleware, and more...

Contributions are actually part of my way to work but also of my free time. I attempt to share whenever I can ideas, bug fixes and improvements I experimented in real-life scenarios as a way to thank the community.

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  1. symfony/symfony

    The Symfony PHP framework

  2. Elao/PhpEnums

    πŸ”© Extended PHP 8.1+ enums features & specific integrations with frameworks and libraries

    PHP 320

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