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Hi! 👋🏿

I'm a Javascript developer, ethical technologist, accessibility advocate, writer, creative, artist, podcaster, reader, lover, not much of a fighter... You get the idea.

I'm always working on new projects, and your sponsorship will enable me to keep these projects ad and corporate sponsor free.

At the moment my main (a mix of live and under ideation!) projects are:

  • a history of web and digital accessibility, from the beginning of the web, live on substack at Historica11y
  • a streaming series about creating (positively!) impactful tech, ethics in technology, and what we can do as consumers, developers and activists to make the web better for all
  • a podcast about queer, trans and intersex people of colour in tech
  • coding tutorials

If any of the above interest you, please get in touch and/or sponsor me. I'm always looking for new projects and some of these will never see the light of day without your support.

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I'd love to have ten sponsors; I set a goal at the beginning of the year to have ten places sold on a course, but I think this fits my ethos better. Content isn't free, but with your help, it can be accessible.

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