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Oslo, Norway

Khoa loves sharing and very active in open source. See his writing, open source, projects and talks

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Featured work

  1. onmyway133/blog

    🍁 What you don't know is what you haven't learned

  2. onmyway133/Spek

    🎏 Function builder BDD testing framework in Swift

    Swift 122
  3. onmyway133/DeepDiff

    🦀Amazingly incredible extraordinary lightning fast diffing in Swift

    Swift 2,049
  4. onmyway133/EasyAnchor

    ⚓️ Declarative, extensible, powerful Auto Layout

    Swift 451
  5. onmyway133/Micro

    🏎Fast diffing and type safe SwiftUI style data source for UICollectionView

    Swift 78

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