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Become a sponsor to Open Sheet Music Display

πŸ‘‹ Become a sponsor and get the OSMD Audio Player πŸ‘‹

OpenSheetMusicDisplay is a free, open source library for displaying MusicXML sheet music in the browser. But we have also been working on an audio player for years, which used to be proprietary.

Now you can get early access to the OSMD Audio player by becoming a monthly sponsor of OSMD (Enthusiast tier or higher). Eventually, this player will become open source as well, when we have reached our sponsor goals. But already, many of our sponsors are using the player to create music apps, and just like OSMD, it is constantly being improved.

You can read more about the OSMD Audio Player here:

🌟 Our mission 🌟

Our mission is to provide a state of art software solution for building (sheet) music apps and to include the community in our constant thrive for improvement. We want to take away the pain of building the software from scratch and offer a shortcut when it comes to building your next MusicXML app. In order to lower the entry barrier of developing sheet music apps even more OSMD is provided for free, forever.

πŸ™ Why do we need your support? πŸ™

Sadly, "free" isn’t sustainable on its own. To keep on improving and developing OpenSheetMusicDisplay we need your support. Your monthly sponsorship subscription - especially if you are already actively using OSMD - would mean everything to us - it’s a stable way to enable us to continue our work, improve and bugfix Open Sheet Music Display.

These new features are currently in the making:

  • Audio Player (based on jimmy's player, but continuously improved)
  • Transposing (now public in OSMD 1.0.0 thanks to sponsor support!)
  • Annotations
  • Further MusicXML capabilities like pedal signs and trill lines (wavy-line)

However, coding isn’t the only way to contribute to the community - we plan on starting a blog & a newsletter and share our knowledge. We encourage our sponsors to bring up their desired features and pitch blog post ideas.

πŸ™Œ How can you help? πŸ™Œ

Any help of getting the word out is very much appreciated, feel free to share the news with other music tech or open source enthusiasts. If you have any questions or would like to share your opinions and suggestions on further development of our products write to us at or add an issue in our repository.

⚑ People behind OSMD ⚑

OSMD is largely made by Phonicscore - a music-tech company based in Vienna. We create solutions for musicians, sheet music publishers, app developers, music stores and researchers:

β€’ Open source software
β€’ Sheet music display and playback
β€’ Native & web apps

OSMD is also improved by our dear contributors - feel free to join in!

πŸ™ Sponsoring us - what's next? πŸ™**

First of all, a heartfelt thank you from the OSMD team, your support is truly appreciated!
Monthly sponsors will get access to the sponsor repository with the audio player and other exclusive features.

After sponsoring, please fill out the sponsor form so that we can add you to the repository and contact you:

Since you can't directly message users on Github, this will basically be our only way to contact you as well.
For any other questions, send a mail to

Also, consider joining our Discord Server for more direct communication, chats with other developers and users, and exclusive sponsor channels.

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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. opensheetmusicdisplay/opensheetmusicdisplay

    OpenSheetMusicDisplay renders sheet music in MusicXML format in your web browser based on VexFlow. OSMD is brought to you by

    TypeScript 1,367

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$ a month

You'll receive any rewards listed in the $14 monthly tier. Additionally, a Public Sponsor achievement will be added to your profile.

$14 a month


The Music Enthusiast

You like OSMD and want to support its development. You have our heartfelt gratitude!
Additionally, this tier offers (optionally):

  • Your name as a supporter on our webpages
  • Access to Screencasts: OSMD usage and development videos
  • Early access to features and builds:
    • The OSMD Audio Player
    • Advanced MusicXML features like various pedal symbols and lines, wavy-lines.
    • And more soon.
  • Supporter-exclusive Discord channel in our Discord chat
  • A neat OSMD T-shirt & Stickers
  • A postcard from Vienna, personally written by the Vienna team members

$29 a month


The Generous Enthusiast

You just want to support OSMD, and can spare a more generous amount. This could be the step to help us achieve the next big thing!

This tier offers all previous rewards, plus:

  • Your name listed as a generous supporter on our webpages (optional)

$99 a month


The Music Developer

This tier offers all previous rewards, plus:

  • Exclusive Discord developer chat
  • (linked) Logo on our webpages

$499 a month


The Business/Agency

This tier offers all previous rewards, plus:

  • 1.5 hours monthly support from our developers via video chat (if required)
  • Named as sponsor on our webpages with a big, linked logo
  • Your own private Discord channel to ask us support questions
  • Priority for bug fixes

$990 a month


The Maestro Sponsor

This tier offers all previous rewards, plus:

  • 3 hours monthly support (not cumulative) from our developers via video chat (if required)
  • Insight into OSMD roadmap, influence on feature priority (and new features)

$1,990 a month


The Developer Fund

This tier offers all previous rewards, plus:

  • We can finance a developer dedicated to OSMD and the specific improvements you need for your projects. This will help us greatly accelerate the pace of development, and increase the time we can dedicate to your custom needs.
  • Regular 1:1 support and dedicated development time from our developers