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Hi there! I'm Chris! 👋

You may know me better as osm0sis from my long-running activity as a Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor on XDA Developers! 😁

I am passionate about Android and making the Android root/modding community better, through my work on Linux tool cross-compiling, device hacks, automation, scripts and flashable zips.

My most known works are:

  • AnyKernel3 which virtually all custom kernel developers, supporting a wide variety of devices, use to allow end users to easily flash their works, ⚡️
  • my Android Image Kitchen project which aims to support all variants of Android images and signing from OEMs that can possibly be supported to enable users to create their own mods or manually root devices, 🤘
  • and my popular Android NDK-compiled Busybox, flashable on rooted and non-rooted devices alike, and built with the Android Busybox NDK patchset which I also maintain for the community. 🤖

There are a number of other notable Magisk Modules I've created, and image un/packing tools I've created and/or maintain, but my visible GitHub contributions are only the tip of the iceberg. Please check out my Odds and Ends thread for links to and information about all of my projects! 🤓

My development for my many projects has entirely come out of my free time, between shift work at a hospital and home life with my wife, so if you like and/or have used any of my projects, or just want to support my ongoing and future work to make the root/modding community better, please consider becoming a supporter. ❤️

You can subscribe to my Odds and Ends thread (linked above) and follow my Twitter (osm0sis_xda) for all my development updates.

For one-time donations please use my (osm0sis).

Thank you so very much for your support! 😍🤗

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