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I'm part of the team which maintains and improves the Homebridge project which makes it possible for users to integrate their non-HomeKit devices into HomeKit via community driven plugins.

I'm the creator/developer of the Homebridge UI, the Official Homebridge Raspberry Pi Image, and Homebridge Docker Image and many other supporting projects.

Working on open source projects can often be a thankless task and sponsorship is a small way that helps acknowledge the hard work that goes in over the years - not just my own work, but those hundreds of other developers doing amazing work.

If you would like to show your support with a one-off donation instead, this is possible using PayPal.

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Featured work

  1. homebridge/homebridge

    HomeKit support for the impatient.

    TypeScript 21,979
  2. homebridge/homebridge-raspbian-image

    Official Homebridge Raspberry Pi Image based on Raspberry Pi OS Lite.

    Shell 962
  3. oznu/homebridge-gsh

    Allow Google Assistant to control your Homebridge accessories.

    TypeScript 364
  4. homebridge/

    The website.

    HTML 8

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