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Hi. I am a free and open source software developer. I mainly work on Linux distributions like Maemo Leste, Devuan, and on cryptography projects like DarkFi

Your potential sponsorship would be very useful for me and these projects, in order to pay for infrastructure, and fund my further work so the communities can enjoy our software :)

If Github is not your thing, there are some other ways to donate as well. See

Thank you ❤️

1 sponsor has funded parazyd’s work.


This amount of money per month would be enough to pay for infrastructure costs and let me spend significantly more time on open source projects like Maemo Leste.


Featured work

  1. darkrenaissance/darkfi

    Anonymous. Uncensored. Sovereign.

    Rust 754
  2. maemo-leste/bugtracker

    Issue tracking repository

    Python 58
  3. devuan/arm-sdk

    OS development toolkit for various ARM embedded devices

    Shell 22
  4. parazyd/obelisk

    Electrum server using zeromq libbitcoin as backend

    Python 10

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