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Passepartout is a smart VPN client.


  • Presets for multiple providers (virtually any)
  • iCloud
  • Trusted networks
  • Siri shortcuts
  • Override network settings
  • No background activities
  • Wise on battery


The project currently includes OpenVPN® and WireGuard® apps and libraries for iOS and macOS.

With your help, Passepartout may be extended to more:

  • Platforms
  • VPN protocols
  • Functionalities


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2 sponsors are funding passepartoutvpn’s work.


Meet the team

Featured work

  1. passepartoutvpn/passepartout-apple

    VPN client for iOS and macOS.

    Swift 441
  2. passepartoutvpn/tunnelkit

    VPN client library for Apple platforms.

    Swift 301

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Get faster support for your creations based on Passepartout software.

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I'll make sure to let everybody know you are rooting for the project.