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Paul Sohier

Utrecht, Netherlands

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While not a lot, every euro helps making me working on awesome projects.


Featured work

  1. paul999/Javascript-Linux

    A Javascript x86 emulator written in Coffeescript.

    JavaScript 12
  2. paul999/phpbb_2fa

    phpBB extension to implement 2FA

    PHP 16
  3. paul999/ajax-shoutbox-ext

    A shoutbox for a phpBB3 forum.

    PHP 11
  4. PHP 3

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$1 a month


Just to help me out a bit. Every dollar helps in creating open source software and 3D printing related videos

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I do need coffee every now and then. Every dollar goes to getting some coffee while working on open source software or 3D printing related videos

$5 a month


After doing a lot of work, I might just need a beer. By pledging this tier you will help getting me to relax a bit.