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I'm Paul, I make open-source software for the applied sciences. My background is physics and I am taking on several projects as a staff scientist and developer.

Some of these projects are not anymore part of my current work contract. With your sponsorship, you will motivate me to maintain them, to fix bugs, and to implement new features:


Pinned projects

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$1 a month


You are working with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Your work relies on PyCorrFit, PyScanFCS, or multipletau. A dollar a month is a good way to preserve these projects on the long run.

$10 a month


You would like to see these projects evolve further.

$100 a month


Your name will be listed in the supporters section of PyCorrFit, PyScanFCS, and/or multipletau.

$1000 a month


Your company logo will be added to the startup screen of PyCorrFit and/or PyScanFCS.

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