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🎉 Hi, I am Frost.🦄

I am a Python developer and Open Source enthusiast, I am also a member of PyPA. I built many tools and libraries to make the Python development experience better. I love the feeling of how people get things done by using the tools built by myself.

I am currently focusing on the brand new modern Python package manager: PDM. Your (economic) support will help improve the tool significantly. I need more motivation and energy to do it.


Let's gather to help make PDM a great tool!

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Featured work

  1. pdm-project/pdm

    A modern Python package and dependency manager supporting the latest PEP standards

    Python 5,257
  2. pdm-project/awesome-pdm

    A curated list of awesome PDM plugins and resources

  3. pdm-project/setup-pdm

    A GitHub Action that installs pdm properly for all Python versions

    TypeScript 49
  4. pdm-project/pdm-backend

    The build backend used by PDM that supports latest packaging standards.

    Python 42

66% towards 30 monthly sponsors goal

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@yihong0618 @pawamoy @Beta-Technologies @Nothing4You @embark-studios

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