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Matthias Pfefferle

Karlsruhe, Germany


Hi, I am Matthias.

I am intersted in the open, portable, interoperable, social, synaptic, semantic, structured, distributed, (re-)decentralized, independent, microformatted and federated social web!

I write (german), blog (german) and talk (german) a lot about the #Fediverse and the #IndieWeb and I try to make my blog compatible to those ideas.

Because I use WordPress, most of my code is WordPress related:

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Thanks a lot for your support!

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Featured work

  1. pfefferle/SemPress

    A highly semantic WordPress Theme with HTML5 templates, responsive and seo optimized. SemPress supports most of the new HTML5 tags, the new HTML5 input-types, microformats, microformats v2 and micr…

    PHP 141
  2. indieweb/wordpress-indieweb

    Helps you establish your IndieWeb identity by extending the user profile to provide rel-me and h-card fields. It also includes a bundled installer for a core set of IndieWeb-related plugins.

    PHP 78
  3. pfefferle/wordpress-webmention

    A Webmention plugin for WordPress

    HTML 109
  4. pubsubhubbub/wordpress-pubsubhubbub

    WebSub/PubSubHubbub for WordPress

    PHP 59

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