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Become a sponsor to Peter Schröder

Peter Schröder

Hamburg, Germany

Sponsoring will go into the operation and development of weg-li and onruby. If you are interested in what's going to come next, please visit the weg-li project-page.

Operational cost are currently about 250 EUR per month:

  • ~ 100 EUR / month (Web, Worker, Postgres, Redis, Cronjobs)
  • ~ 140 EUR / month GCloud (Storage, Vision-API)
  • ~ 10 EUR / month Domain- and DNS-management (Cloudflare, Domainfactory)

38 sponsors are funding phoet’s work.


Mit ~250 EUR kann der Betrieb von langfristig sichergestellt werden.


Featured work

  1. phoet/on_ruby

    💎 ♦️ Whitelabel Site for Ruby Communities

    Ruby 207
  2. phoet/asin

    📚 📦 Amazon Simple INterface - Support for ItemLookup, SimilarityLookup, Search, BrowseNode and Cart Operations

    Ruby 169
  3. phoet/freemium

    🆓 👷 example of how to use heroku cedar stack to run a free application with web, worker and clock processes

    Ruby 38
  4. phoet/memo-it

    📥 📤 simple yet clever memoization helper with parameter support

    Ruby 32
  5. phoet/computering

    🎹 💨 Pretends you can type really fast

    Ruby 23
  6. phoet/partially_useful

    📑 👀 Helps identifying partials in verbose HTML source code.

    Ruby 23

72% towards $300 per month goal

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@jankatins @MarlonSchultz @svoeth @hnordbeck @capacityHH

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