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I'm coaching people on public networks like Slack and Twitter whenever they need help, and I also participate in the open-source community by creating small projects, making some contributions, discussions, or code reviews, and helping people in contributing.

If you support me, you also have top priority and privileged access when you need help on a project. I do free and open-source software, and sponsoring me is a quick and easy way to hire some of my services, even starting at $1 for smaller purses.

I also created some projects and libraries:

  • 🍎 Compotes 🍏, an application that you can use to make analytics on your bank account operations.
  • CmsBundle, a very lightweight CMS bundle for Symfony apps.
  • ImageMagickPHP, a PHP wrapper around ImageMagick's binary.
  • CharacterManagerBundle, a Symfony bundle to ease the creation of character generator for games like RPGs.
  • livingedge, a scrapper that simply fetches all "New in Symfony" blog posts from the official Symfony blog and list them all at the same place, as well as all "feature" commits in the Symfony repository.

You might have noticed that the contribution perks are music titles, feel free to listen to them, they're all good 🎵

2 sponsors are funding Pierstoval’s work.


Featured work

  1. Orbitale/Compotes

    A small app to manage bank account operations and display rich analytics. Demo app credentials are admin/admin. [In development]

    Svelte 34
  2. Pierstoval/CharacterManagerBundle

    Skeleton of a character manager for online games

    PHP 8
  3. Orbitale/ImageMagickPHP

    A PHP wrapper around the ImageMagick binaries

    PHP 29
  4. Orbitale/CmsBundle

    Super-lightweight CMS bundle for Symfony

    PHP 51
  5. EasyCorp/EasyAdminBundle

    EasyAdmin is a fast, beautiful and modern admin generator for Symfony applications.

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$1 a month


One • Metallica

"Now the world is gone, I'm just one"

$5 a month


Five years • David Bowie

"We've got five years, what a surprise"

$7 a month


Light of the Seven • Ramin Djawadi

Anecdote: that's the age when I wrote my first lines of code 👨‍💻 .

$8 a month


8 Mile • Eminem

"Time for me to just stand up, and travel new land, time to really just take matters into my own hands"

Anecdote: that's the age I started learning the English language (French is my native language).

$10 a month


10th Man Down • Nightwish

"They were the first ones to see"

$25 a month


25 or 6 to 4 • Chicago

"Staring blindly into space"
(and that guitar solo! 🎸 )

Anecdote: that's the age when I started becoming a programming teacher 👨‍🏫 .

$40 a month


Piano Sonatine M 40 • Maurice Ravel

Anecdote: that's the max amount of floppy disks that could fit in my "floppy box" when I was younger, and had to swap them from time to time with the huge collection my older brother had to exchange a game or something.

Floppy disk era :)

$75 a month


Claire de Lune L.75 • Claude Debussy

(It's just a piano song, and I like it a lot)

$100 a month


A Hundred Wishes • Loreena McKennitt

"Could we be in France again, dance beneath the olive trees"

$1,000 a month


Five Thousand Nights • Yodelice

"I do believe there's a chance"