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Hi! My name's Paulo and I'm the author and maintainer of Logtalk, a declarative object-oriented logic programming language that extends and leverages the Prolog language.

Your kind donations will help sustain the development of Logtalk and its ecosystem. My ultimate goal is to be able to work on Logtalk full time.

I'm also a long time Prolog developer making regular contributions to the community. I'm a regular presence in public forums, sharing my experience and helping new users. I worked on Prolog standardization, significantly advancing Core, DCGs, and Threads proposals. I maintain a comprehensive standards compliance test suite. I have submitted (and continue to submit) thousands of bug reports and patches to improve Prolog systems and open source Prolog applications. I make available via Logtalk portable and essential developer tools that are also usable from Prolog. I develop and maintain actions and workflows for use with Logtalk and Prolog repos. I also implemented and contribute Logtalk and Prolog support for several text editors and syntax highlighters.

Thanks for your support!

Sponsorship benefits

For the Sushi tier and above, you have access to all Logtalk webinars. Moreover, I'm happy to help with your Logtalk coding by doing once per month one hour one-to-one live code review/discussion for one year counting from the sponsorship starting date.

For the two lower sponsorship tiers, I'm happy to help with Logtalk installation and configuration by doing a one time, one hour one-to-one live session. You also have access to the Logtalk introduction seminar.


Show your love and support for Logtalk by helping in funding its continued development!

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Featured work

  1. LogtalkDotOrg/logtalk3

    Logtalk - declarative object-oriented logic programming language

    Prolog 399
  2. logtalk-actions/workflows

    Workflows for Logtalk repos

  3. l-flat/lflat

    L-FLAT - Logtalk Formal Language and Automata Toolkit

    Logtalk 7
  4. logtalk-actions/demo

    Demo repo for Logtalk actions and workflows

    Logtalk 3

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Tea tier ☕️

Keeps me hydrated on long coding days and when blogging about Logtalk and Prolog programming.

$5 a month


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Jumpstarts me for a long coding day (or a day in my mountain bike; sometimes you need to clear your head).

$10 a month


Sushi tier 🍣🍱

Feeds me a nice lunch at one of my favorite places. Only healthy food, I promise.

$20 a month


Water tier 🚰🚿

Covers my monthly water supply expenses. Code smells may be debatable but no one wants a smelly coder.

$50 a month


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Covers my monthly internet access expenses. Yes, it's a love/hate affair.

$100 a month


Power tier 🔌💡

Covers my monthly electricity expenses. No luck so far finding volunteers for the hamster wheels.

$200 a month


Utilities tier 💡📡🚰🧹

Covers my monthly utilities and cleaning expenses. No, I'm not hacking from my mom's basement.