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Gilles Chehade

Nantes, France

I've been an OpenBSD developer since 2008 and been working on the OpenSMTPD project mostly.

Since early 2019, I've switched to a part-time job so I can spend more time doing open-source work and writing.

If I had enough sponsors, I'd do this full time, meanwhile any bits help :-)

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Featured work

  1. OpenSMTPD/OpenSMTPD

    This is official OpenSMTPD Portable repository. Forks, pull requests and other contributions are welcome!

  2. poolpOrg/filter-rspamd

    OpenSMTPD filter integration for the Rspamd daemon

    Go 41
  3. poolpOrg/filter-senderscore

    OpenSMTPD filter integration for the SenderScore reputation

    Shell 20
  4. poolpOrg/filter-greylist

    OpenSMTPD filter for SPF-aware greylisting

    Go 11
  5. poolpOrg/ website

    HTML 21

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