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My name is Preslav and I'm living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Although I have a full-time job, I love spending my free time expanding my computer science knowledge and maintaining some open source projects, which people can find helpful.

The main projects I maintain at the moment are:

  • booknotes - a collection of notes on various computer science/programming books. I tend to explain complex topics in simple words, which makes them a great supplement to the books, which is why people find that repo useful.
  • todocheck - a static code analyser, which enables one to integrate TODOs in your codebase with an issue tracker

If you want to support any of these projects so that I can spend more of my free time on them, I'd be very grateful for your donation, regardless of how small it is. I'd be very happy to know that I was able to make an impact in your life through my work.

I also offer mentorships. If you choose to enroll in my mentorship programme, I will schedule one on one meetings with you on a regular cadence in which we'll go over your career/study goals and I'll help you get organised and pursue them effectively.

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It would make me very happy to know that I've been able to make an impact to 10 people through my work!


Featured work

  1. preslavmihaylov/booknotes

    A collection of my book notes on various computer science books

    Java 1,281
  2. preslavmihaylov/todocheck

    A static code analyser for annotated TODO comments

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