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Hello, I'm Jeff Lindsay. I'm an independent creator/programmer/entrepreneur/dreamer who, among other things, has somehow been at the forefront of cloud and developer tooling for the last 15 years. I work to make the world more generative and creative, and the world of computing more user extensible and re-combinable.

For the last few years I've been working on a project called Tractor, a tool for quickly making software systems. I'll be using Tractor to build all other tools for my creative projects. I will also be sharing these creator tools, and how they're made, with the world.

Watch the progrium technology thesis video β†’

What I've done before

  • Coined and evangelized webhooks
  • Co-created Docker with Solomon Hykes and team
  • Worked at NASA Ames on what became OpenStack
  • Early engineer and helped start the platform team at Twilio
  • Built Dokku and many PaaS/Docker primitives (logspout, registrator, alpine)
  • Invented localtunnel, the inspiration for Ngrok and other copycats
  • Started SuperHappyDevHouse legendary Silicon Valley hackathons
  • Co-founded Hacker Dojo technology community center and hackerspace
  • Also makes indie games and music, and was EP for Indie Game: The Movie

What I'm doing right now

  • Carefully crafting the Tractor System and related open source building blocks
  • Releasing prototypes and experiments here on GitHub
  • Writing about the work on my mailing list at
  • Streaming much of my work on Twitch
  • Soon, making videos about it on YouTube

Latest major update: Towards the Personal Potential of Software

What sponsorship does

I now nearly live (read: survive) off my sponsorship so this allows me to build Tractor and related projects full time. Since I started in 2020 I've also spent $100k of my own savings on contractors and collaborators. Now that this has run out, I'm fully dependent on sponsorship income until other opportunities develop from this work.

This kind of independent research and development is slow, costly, and stressful. I am deeply grateful for your patronage.

Thank you! βœŒοΈπŸ’€


I will finally have an equivalent to my last salary 8+ years ago and can afford to live life again! Apptron will be made public and open source, Tractor Toolkit will become available to all sponsors, and a demo of Tractor Studio will be released in grand fashion.

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Featured work

  1. progrium/qtalk-go

    versatile stream IO and RPC based IPC stack for Go

    Go 39

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