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Peter Taoussanis

Berlin, Chiang Mai, Johannesburg

Hi there! I try to contribute to Clojure/Script open-source when I can.

You can find some of my work here.

Zero pressure to support! I've benefitted a lot from other people's open-source efforts, and I enjoy doing it. Still, any support is very much appreciated!

Unfortunately don't get as much time for open-source these days as I'd like (and used to), but hopefully someday again soon.

Have an awesome day, cheers!

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Featured work

  1. ptaoussanis/sente

    Realtime web comms for Clojure/Script

    Clojure 1,603
  2. ptaoussanis/timbre

    Pure Clojure/Script logging library

    Clojure 1,276
  3. ptaoussanis/carmine

    Redis client and message queue for Clojure

    Clojure 1,013
  4. ptaoussanis/nippy

    High-performance serialization library for Clojure

    Clojure 852
  5. ptaoussanis/tufte

    Simple profiling and performance monitoring for Clojure/Script

    Clojure 417
  6. http-kit/http-kit

    http-kit is a minimalist, event-driven, high-performance Clojure HTTP server/client library with WebSocket and asynchronous support

    Java 2,203

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