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Daniel Meyer

Stuttgart, Germany

Hi I'm Daniel from Stuttgart, Germany.
Since some years I create open source projects which help people creating stuff. I have a strong focus in having all projects free of known bugs and up to date.
My main projects are:

  • RxDB - A realtime Database for JavaScript Applications
  • BroadcastChannel - A tool to share data between browser-tabs and node processes
  • eth-crypto - A module with cryptographic javascript functions for ethereum

Current sponsors 10

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Past sponsors 13

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Featured work

  1. pubkey/rxdb

    A fast, offline-first, reactive database for JavaScript Applications

    TypeScript 18,717
  2. pubkey/eth-crypto

    Cryptographic javascript-functions for ethereum and tutorials to use them with web3js and solidity

    JavaScript 776
  3. pubkey/broadcast-channel

    📡 BroadcastChannel to send data between different browser-tabs or nodejs-processes 📡 + LeaderElection over the channels

    JavaScript 1,452
  4. pubkey/event-reduce

    An algorithm to optimize database queries that run multiple times

    TypeScript 676
  5. salomonelli/best-resume-ever

    👔 💼 Build fast 🚀 and easy multiple beautiful resumes and create your best CV ever! Made with Vue and LESS.

  6. pubkey/client-side-databases

    An implementation of the exact same app in Firestore, AWS Datastore, PouchDB, RxDB and WatermelonDB

    TypeScript 780

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