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Hi, I'm James, but on the internet you all know me as purpleidea. I left my full-time job at Red Hat to work on open source software. I'd like to keep it that way, so if you do too, please help support me financially!

Most of my work revolves around mgmt config, a real-time, closed-loop, automation tool.

I also publish a technical blog and mentor new programmers in my spare time.

I'd like to continue this work and avoid having any part of it be proprietary, so please sponsor me today!

James (purpleidea)

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$1 a month


You vote with your feet, and your pledge sends a signal that you support this project even if you don't have a lot of extra $ to spare. We're thankful for your support even if you give $0/month.

$5 a month


You're an mgmt supporter. We're thankful, and you should be proud! Tell your friends. Free Software needs funding. Free high five if we meet IRL. You'll also get exclusive "voice" status in our chat room so that you'll stand out as a supporter!

$10 a month


You're dope, and you deserve some stickers! I'll send some your way so your laptop can sport the latest in mgmt flair.

$20 a month


Mad respect, and thank you for voting with your dollars. You'll get stickers, and early access to new mgmt blog posts.

$50 a month


This is serious money that is much appreciated. You'll get all of the above rewards and you'll be mentioned in the release announce emails (if you want). I'll tweet out thanks from both the @mgmtconfig twitter account, and from @purpleidea, mentioning you (if you want).

$100 a month


You'll get all of the above rewards and I'll also send you some swag. Next conference, you'll be super flash in your limited edition mgmt gear!

$500 a month


I'll hold an online video hangout / screen-cast approximately once per month with you and the other "core brainstormers". I'll discuss what I've been hacking on, thinking about, and maybe even have new live demos! We'll discuss all the mgmt stuff you'd like, and make it the best hour of fun and hacking each month.

It will be like attending a mini-conference each month, for less than the price of a conference.

Of course you'll get everything above, even the free high-fives!

(Feel free to contact me directly instead of going through Github/Stripe and their high transaction fees.)

$1000 a month


You're a company that wants to support my work, and your engineers think it's cool. They think it's cool that you support Open Source software financially.

I'll display your logo on our project homepage so that everyone knows you're stepping up and helping out. (Company and logo are subject to approval for content.)

I'll also thank your company publicly on twitter and in all my release announce emails. (If you want.)

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