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Ben Ramsey

Nashville, TN

Open Source Maintainer & Advocate

I'm a coder, author, & speaker. I maintain the ramsey/uuid library for PHP, along with many other packages that help developers do their work, and I'm working to build a friendlier PHP community through the PHP Community Foundation.

Your support encourages and motivates me to continue building and maintaining open source software.

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If you're interested in more information about the PHP Community Foundation, or you'd like to support it directly, please contact me at


100 folks sponsoring my open source work each month will help motivate me to devote time and resources to producing the best quality work I can for everyone who uses my software. 🚢

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Featured work

  1. ramsey/uuid

    A PHP library for generating universally unique identifiers (UUIDs).

  2. ramsey/composer-install

    A GitHub Action to streamline installation of PHP dependencies with Composer.

    Shell 177
  3. ramsey/collection

    A PHP library for representing and manipulating collections.

    PHP 875
  4. ramsey/php-library-starter-kit

    A tool to quickly set up the base files of a PHP library project.

    PHP 202
  5. ramsey/composer-repl

    A REPL for PHP built into Composer (using PsySH)

  6. ramsey/conventional-commits

    A PHP library for creating and validating commit messages according to the Conventional Commits specification. Includes a CaptainHook plugin!

    PHP 154

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