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Anthony Rappa

Long Island, NY

What I'm working on

With your sponsorship, I'll be able to commit more time to open source projects of interest - such as Laravel Boilerplate and Laravel Livewire Tables as well as others I'd love to have time to contribute to.

How sponsorship helps me

I have a regular full-time job. These open-source projects take hundreds of hours of my night and weekend time per year and are all done in my spare time.

If you think my contributions are valuable, I would be very grateful for your donation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


4 sponsors are funding rappasoft’s work.


I can take on less freelance work and put extra hours into my open source projects every month. 😍


Featured work

  1. rappasoft/laravel-boilerplate

    The Laravel Boilerplate Project - - For Slack access, visit:

  2. rappasoft/laravel-livewire-tables

    A dynamic table component for Laravel Livewire - For Slack access, visit:

  3. rappasoft/lockout

    Put your Laravel application into read-only mode.

    PHP 86
  4. rappasoft/laravel-helpers

    Laravel 5 Helper function for Non-Laravel Projects

    PHP 253
  5. rappasoft/laravel-authentication-log

    Log user authentication details and send new device notifications.

    PHP 493
  6. rappasoft/laravel-patches

    Run patches migration style in your Laravel applications.

    PHP 42

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