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Nikita Gazarov

Vancouver, BC

I am developing:

  • Laminar – a simple, expressive and safe UI library for Scala.js
  • Airstream – streaming and state propagation library for Scala.js
  • Waypoint – URL router for Laminar
  • Scala DOM Types – DOM types generator used by Scala.js UI libraries like Laminar, Outwatch, Calico

... as well as writing comprehensive documentation, and providing support for all of the above.

Developing and supporting Laminar takes a lot of time and effort. Every year we find new ways to make Laminar and its ecosystem better, and if not for that continued improvement, Laminar would not have grown into such a good way to build web apps in Scala.js. Some of my recent work:

  • Scala.js bindings for Shoelace.js will let people use high quality web components with Laminar and other Scala.js UI libraries (WIP)
  • Laminar Full Stack Demo makes it dead easy to get started with Laminar and Scala.js, and includes some advanced tutorials and examples
  • Laminar 15 was a huge undertaking to revamp Airstream signals for better ergonomics, not to mention all the other new features.

Laminar should make your UI development pleasant, save you time, and let you build complex web apps with frustration-free confidence and peace of mind. If that's the case, please consider sponsoring my efforts, especially if you are using Laminar in commercial projects. Revenue from Laminar sponsorships helps diversify my income, and gives me an excuse to continue investing my time into open source.


I have to balance my open source work with my other interests and obligations, and it's only getting harder with time. Sponsorship revenue makes a huge difference in making my efforts sustainable.

Current sponsors 21

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Past sponsors 12


Featured work

  1. raquo/Laminar

    Simple, expressive, and safe UI library for Scala.js

    Scala 675
  2. raquo/Airstream

    State propagation and event streams with mandatory ownership and no glitches

    Scala 218
  3. raquo/Waypoint

    Efficient router for Laminar UI Library

    Scala 81
  4. raquo/scala-dom-types

    Scala types for your library to represent HTML tags, attributes, properties and CSS styles

    Scala 87

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Say thanks for continued development of Laminar & Airstream.

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  • Expressiveness: $1
  • Safety: $1
  • My appreciation: priceless

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Did you know that gifting brings lasting happiness? It's science so it's true. But does money bring happiness? Help fund my research.

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Every time I buy a quinoa bowl I will think about how my open source work made it happen and stare at it in disbelief. And you! I'll think of you.

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[GOLD] I will express my gratitude to you personally (or businessly) on Laminar home page and in the changelog (on every release!) while you're on this tier.

Please send me your name, URL and logo or avatar (for the home page) that I should call out. (

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[PLATINUM] I will express my gratitude to your company on Laminar home page and in the changelog (on every release!) while you're on this tier. I'll be happy to promote your business in other ways too. Please email me at Higher sponsorship tiers are available too.