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πŸ€– I'm Raffaello Bonghi an enthusiastic robotics engineer.

I studied systems automation and design and mobile platform implementation at the Sapienza University of Rome and Universite Paris-Sud. But my passion for robots stems from my teens. I'd take apart everything, including the family TV, to see how things worked. Studying Greek and Latin by day (In Italy you can choose "Classic" studies) and electronics at night soon I built robots and entered competitions.

For a youth robotics club, I created a minisumo robot with wheels to do battle in contests, similar to sumo wrestling events. Robots spot their enemy and fight, and his minisumo won.

As my robot-building skills developed and my university studies were enhancement me, I sought out to share all my knowledge online, making new robots such as:

During my last years I made other popular open-source projects:

πŸ’– Thank you to support me!

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You are helping me to develop my πŸ€– robots and πŸ“Š projects. I'll be able to cover to save my laboratory costs and maintain it active.

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Featured work

  1. rbonghi/jetson_stats

    πŸ“Š Simple package for monitoring and control your NVIDIA Jetson [Orin, Xavier, Nano, TX] series

    Python 2,067
  2. rnanosaur/nanosaur

    πŸ¦• nanosaur is a little tracked robot, powered by ROS 2. Made for NVIDIA Jetson

    Shell 211
  3. rbonghi/ros_webconsole

    🌐 A ROS WEB console to control remotely your robot. Based with robotwebtools.

    JavaScript 75
  4. rpanther/panther

    πŸ† Panther is an Open Robotic AGV platform ROS based for Outdoor and Indoor enviroments.

    Python 99
  5. rbonghi/jetson_easy

    πŸ”© Automatically script to setup and configure your NVIDIA Jetson [Nano, Xavier, TX2i, TX2, TX1, TK1] . This script run different modules to update, fix and patch the kernel, install ROS and other...

    Shell 281
  6. rbonghi/roboteq_control

    βš™οΈ Driver for Roboteq devices using ros_control

    C++ 40

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