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Hello! I'm Renne! I am an software developer living in Brazil 🇧🇷!

Currently I am working on Querido Diário, an open source project that is helping to release government public data of Brazilian cities in a much searchable way, helping people to monitor the official acts of our governors.

I also do live coding sessions where I solve issues of Querido Diario and/or help people to learn more about web scraping and Python development.

Your sponsorship will help me continue working on these projects, paying for hosting and infrastructure costs for my videos (I run a PeerTube instance for myself, my local hackerspace and other open source related groups). It is not much, but it will help me a lot to keep that service running!

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I'll be able to cover my server costs to host my PeerTube instance and deliver more video content to the community.


Featured work

  1. okfn-brasil/querido-diario

    📰 Diários oficiais brasileiros acessíveis a todos | 📰 Brazilian government gazettes, accessible to everyone.

    Python 1,043
  2. scrapinghub/spidermon

    Scrapy Extension for monitoring spiders execution.

    Python 524
  3. okfn-brasil/querido-diario-comunidade

    Querido Diário - Comunidade e Documentação

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