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Hi! I enjoy working with all things data in whatever tools or programming languages are practical. I am currently focused on building tools that bring transparency to moderator actions on reddit via You can support this initiative by sponsoring me here or by making a one-time donation. Both are non-tax-deductible. Here is a little bit more about content moderation and how you can review it:

Social media content can be removed without notifying its author, leaving users to believe their content is still available for others to read. On some services, the removed content remains visible to its author while hiding it from other users. This is the case for reddit which allows moderators to optionally notify users of moderator actions. Because moderators sometimes do notify users, many users are unaware that content they've posted has been removed without notification. is a new open source project, built from a fork of's code, that shows users which content has been removed from their reddit account by moderators. It is the only public tool for viewing removed reddit content by username. The goals of the site are to:

  • raise awareness of the way content removal works on reddit
  • create tools for users of social media that shed light on how their content is moderated
  • provide designers with development and marketing experience while working towards the above

Featured work

  1. reveddit/real-time-extension

    An extension that notifies you of removed content on reddit.

    JavaScript 1
  2. reveddit/reveddit

    Review removed content on reddit. Uses the Pushshift API, built on code from removeddit.

    JavaScript 25
  3. reveddit/reveddit-linker

    A browser extension for jumping between reddit and


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